Although the company is small,
we aim at building up Kohbyo
so that it can be well accepted by the community of the world.

Kofuseibyo is one of the leading companies in production and sales of special heading screws, rivets and shafts and its original parts feeders for a broad spectrum of industries, including automotive industry and electrical and electronics industry.

The Yamanashi, Japan-based manufacturer specializes in manufacturing specially-shaped parts tailored explicitly to drawings and specifications of customers and has been forging ahead with technological advancement. With overseas factories to assure a high local content ratio, we have expanded our manufacturing operations abroad. Kofuseibyo implements in-house manufacturing equipment with the one-of-a-kind designs incorporated, such as component rolling machines and total sorting machines, which translates into the development of parts feeders that are available in four different models.

Parts Feeders

Kofuseibyo provides all products tailored explicitly to specifications and needs of customers.

Kofuseibyo offers its original superior feeders designed for parts feeding to various automatic machines and semiautomated process.

Overseas Bases

Situated in Amata City Chonburi Industrial Estate, an hour east from Bangkok, Thailand, our factory supplies various heading parts to Japanese automotive companies and electrical and electronics companies that branch out into Thailand.

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